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Farming the Moon Bear: It’s got to stop

Many people may be unaware of this issue; I for one certainly was before reading an article[1] that appeared in Nature today. Around 10,000 endangered Asian black bears or ‘moon bears’ as they are known are kept captive in China … Continue reading

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Survival doubtful for Vietnam elephants

Survival doubtful for Vietnam elephants. Wild elephants could disappear from Viet Nam’s Central Highlands permanently as deforestation has destroyed their habitat and source of food needed for survival.

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The Glaciers are Growing?

Read the headlines – “Asia’s Glaciers Putting on Mass [i]” and you may be mistaken for thinking all this climate change talk is nonsense. If the world is getting warmer, how can a large ice sheet continue to grow? The … Continue reading

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Ivory Wars

In response to BBC’s Panorama on the Ivory Trade: Despite more than a 20 year ban (1989), the ivory trade is still at large. If demand continues to boom, and action is not taken, the African Elephant will meet a … Continue reading

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