Climate Doubters: ‘Farage from the truth’

Climate Change isn’t something you can choose to believe in.

In the wake of the devastating flooding this Christmas, Nigel Farage wrote a piece in the independent blaming the prolonged power cuts on the current government’s energy policy.

Leaving his rather bizarre and contradictory argument aside, he made a very alarming claim, that “man-made climate change is doubtful”.

Well no its not Mr Farage. The most recent IPCC report warns us that scientists are 95% certain that humans are the “dominant cause” of global warming since the 1950s. 95% leaves little room to doubt our role in climate change.

What annoys me is that many people, and an alarming number of our political leaders, have this opinion that climate change is something to believe in, or not.

It’s not a religion, it’s not the tooth fairy, and it is simply not a matter of belief. It is simply scientific observation and careful study, that has come to the conclusion that our emissions are impacting the world weather systems and climate.

If an engineer told you that the bridge in front of you had a 95% chance of collapsing if you were to cross it, you

would be suicidal not to take another route. Of course you could question the integrity of the engineer – perhaps at your peril. But would that any doubt still persist if you were told the same thing hundreds, or thousands of independent engineers?

 Of course the difference for the issue of climate change is that unlike the collapsing bridge, ignoring the warning signs won’t immediate consequences. However, if for example a doctor told you that you had the early signs of cancer and that you should stop smoking, you might find it hard to stop, you might decide you don’t want to stop, but you wouldn’t walk out of the hospital claiming the doctor is mistaken.

Climate change is not a belief it is a diagnosis. There is no place in parliament for numpties like Farage to dress up and play doctor.


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