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Save the World. Eat Less Meat

Despite Allan Savory’s recent bizarre and discredited claim (in a recent Ted Talk) to have found miracle technique that allows us to reconcile our insatiable demand for meat with the need to protect the living planet by eating more meat, it has become … Continue reading

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Climate Doubters: ‘Farage from the truth’

Climate Change isn’t something you can choose to believe in. In the wake of the devastating flooding this Christmas, Nigel Farage wrote a piece in the independent blaming the prolonged power cuts on the current government’s energy policy. Leaving … Continue reading

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Hunting: Vile outdated ‘sport’ or a viable method of conservation?

Despite claims from the RSPCA that 80% of the public are against fox hunting, a quarter of a million people attended boxing day hunts across the country yesterday. Environmentalists and conservationists that I follow on twitter met this with outrage. Similarly, … Continue reading

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Tigers or Transition?

Originally posted on Thinking like a human:
Is biodiversity conservation part of the environmental movement? To what extent is the protection of species like tigers an integral part of wider concerns about transition to more sustainable lives on earth?  These…

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‘Cambridge Loose on Climate Change’ – A response

After recently reading the Tab article ‘Cambridge Loose on climate change’ which slams the University for having investments in BP, Shell and Rio Tinto, –  – I was left feeling slightly annoyed. I’m not quite sure why, but it’s the … Continue reading

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What is ‘Nature’?

This Easter I spent a fair bit of time in the “Great British countryside”. From the Pembrokeshire coast in South Wales, to Lizard Point in Cornwall. But whilst walking along picturesque coastal paths from one outcrop (Geology feild trip) to the … Continue reading

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Numbed by the facts, we are hiding from the realities of Climate Change

The threats of ‘Global Warming’ ‘Climate Change’ have been drilled into us to such an extent that it appears we are become immune to them, in fact instead of addressing the issues, we are ever more comfortable turning a blind, … Continue reading

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